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As the action goes on, the man beneath Izanagi begins to squirm and jerk around. It seems that while Izanagi ts cartoons gently sways his body sucking and pumping, his sitting position makes his ass wriggles and swings ever so slightly. Almost round, firm ass rises and falls with every bending and turning Izanagi makes to the sides, teasing the penis trapped within his anal cavity for almost half an hour.
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As the black man watched his young lover action, it took him sometime to realize that Izanagi's ass already grinding and circling on him. By now, his penis begins to twitch from the prolonged ts drawn porn visual and physical stimulation. He grunts and moan, his torso rises and arches, sometimes throwing his head back. He grabs Izanagi's hips, trying to slow its steady but relentless pace. For Izanagi; it is but a deliciously wicked conquest. For the audience, an act of helpless anticipation. Then, finally, surrender.
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