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Manga strap-on girls both watch the screen, as Izanagi, the young male, continues to tease both men standing on his sides. He sucks and pumps the thick appendages alternately, sometimes taking them deep into his throat in slow and deliberate pace. Izanagi's lean body moves around with such grace that will amaze most women. Movement driven by such eagerness to pleasure. Pleasure that his standing lovers gladly awaits.
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As if dancing to a silent tune, his seemingly effortless movement hides a forceful determination to make the men cum as hard as possible. Izanagi's welcoming throat ripples back and forth each time his lovers push their cocks past his lovely lips. His hand twists, flicks and pumps the foreskin with slow, anime strap-on gallery passionate motion like a baker kneading his dough. His lovers face tell they are losing battle against this young fuck machine, moaning and gasping ever faster.
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