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Dickgirl Dream | Futa Porn Girls
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Dickgirl Dream

I walk down the street completely naked but I don’t care. Let them all stare at my body in all it’s glorious loveliness. They all smile when they see me coming. They don’t mind that I’m nude either. I stop in front of a window and admire myself in the reflection. Long golden blond hair, blue eyes, breathtakingly beautiful face, basketball sized breasts, a centaur like body with four legs and two long thick cocks each nearly as large as my arm. Growing from my lower torso six more huge breasts. A long horse like tail grows from my rear.
Gorgeous twins with huge breasts come up to me and begin flirting with me. I take them to the nearby park where they remove their clothes. I admire their naked bodies as I kiss and fondle them. Slowly I thrust my lower cock into the woman lying on the ground. I pick up the other woman and impale her on my fore shaft. The three of us move rhythmically together until we come I cry out in delight as gallons of cum spurt deep into their willing bodies. Milk fountains from each of my eight huge nipples. As we orgasm a second time our breasts began to slowly swell. My cocks grow as I ejaculate again. Despite my penis’ increasing size neither woman complains as I continue to plow deep into them. The feel of our breasts sliding against each other is incredibly erotic. We make love to each other for what feels like an eternity until finally the two of them collapse to the ground totally sated. Each of their tits are at least the size of beach balls.
My breasts, my cocks have grown tremendously. It’s a wonder I can even move as I slowly make my down the street.
I come to a restaurant and enter. From the size of the waitress’ mammaries I know I’ve been here before. The enchanting women welcome me warmly and I sit down to a veritable feast.
After eating I thank them by making love to all of them all at once. By the time I leave the restaurant the women’s breasts are so large it’s unlikely they’ll ever be able to move again without help. None of them seem to mind though.
I’m in a large palace laying on an immense bed. My fore breasts are nearly as large as I am. My lower breasts press against the floor. I’m perched on my gigantic twenty-four foot long penis. Dozens of women kiss and caress and rub themselves against me. Eight women suckle hungrily at each of my eight tits. Gouts of semen spout endlessly from both my cocks as I endlessly climax.
Now I’m alone in a smaller room luxuriously appointed. I’ve transformed. I now have only two legs and one penis. My breasts, my cock are much smaller than before. But they’re still huge.
A magnificently beautiful woman enters the room. She has short red hair, and green eyes. Her tits are the size of beach balls. I lay down in the bed my gargantuan penis sticking up like a ship’s mast. With an alluring smile the woman straddles me and slowly impales herself on my throbbing shaft. She begins to move rhythmically up and down. I thrust myself deep into her willing body. We cry out in delight as we come together. Relentlessly, endlessly we move together or bodies sliding erotically against each other. We make timeless love to each other. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes violent, sometimes gentle. We go on and on tirelessly until…

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  1. Alejandro says:

    yeah !!!! Nice story gimme some more !

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